Four Kicks songs
01 Jan 1970 |


What do you play?

The music has been carefully selected to include the most popular hits of the day, as well as favourite classics.  The full setlist is available on our website or we can send you a PDF version via email. 


How long do you play?

We usually perform for 2 hours with no breaks but we can also play 2 x 60mn or 3 x 40mn sets. 


How long do you need to set up?

It takes us 2 hours to set up all our equipment and do the sound check. All of this is done in advance before any guests arrive.


What do you wear when you perform?

We wear suits unless instructed otherwise.


Can we use your sound system for speeches?

Absolutely. Our PA is available with the help of one of the band members.


Food and drinks.

Yes please! If food and drinks cannot be supplied then please let us know in advance so we can arrange an alternative. 


Do you provide all the equipment?

Yes. We have a full professional sound system and lighting. If the event is held in a different country (we are based on the French Riviera) and we need to take a plane, the equipment needs to be provided on location. Our technical rider is available upon request.


Do you travel?

Yes, the band will travel anywhere needed. All travel expenses and accommodation must be covered.


Do you play on boats?

Yes we have played on yachts & sailing boats. The beauty of this is there are no noise restrictions when you take the boat out of the port!