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Party band in france

Party band France

Party band France

I had the privilege of being interviewed by luxury magazine The Best Of the Riviera this summer. In the article, I talk about my experience as a musician in the private sector but also about my agency, Lion Stone Events, which provides cover party bands for private events in France, particularly on the French Riviera and throughout the world! Check out our website:


Party band on the French Riviera

Our party bands are based in the south of France (Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes) and also in the UK. The bands can travel anywhere and adapt to any event. Lion Stone Entertainment is a leading source of talented musicians and can provide the highest quality entertainment for your party. Music is essential to the success of any event and we make sure guests remember your event for many years to come – and for all the right reasons.


Check out the interview:

Why did you make the move from pub band to private events performer?

Through word of mouth we performed at more and more parties until we reached a certain status as one of the very few rock bands on the French Riviera that is asked to play at private events every weekend, here and throughout Europe.

Was this an easy transition?

Switching to private events requires more investment: expensive equipment, lighting, and time for rehearsals… there is always such a high standard to maintain. And you must tailor your event to specific requirements: a villa party, a wedding, or a performance on a yacht.

Surely rock bands aren’t made for precious yachts?

We have actually been asked to play more often on boats as people realise that it is very possible. We did a yacht gig during the Monaco Grand Prix and everyone was having such a great time, they forgot to watch the race!

“We love our lifestyle”!

It must be a fun job, playing in a rock band?

It is enormously satisfying to always be at the centre of a party. The job takes us to amazing places and countries that we would otherwise never normally see, and we get to meet interesting people and celebrities.

But it’s not all fun and play?

It may only be a three hour gig, but for a private event it’s a 15 to 20 hour shift, taking in the travel time, set up, sound check, etc. Ultimately, we consider ourselves very lucky to be successful in an industry where many people don’t make it. After all, do you know many jobs where you can stage dive, lose your shoes in the crowd and land on a fire-lit bar? We love our lifestyle!

What is the secret to the perfect performance?

As long as the crowd can see we are having fun on stage, everyone is happy and having a great time. They feed off our performance and energy. It’s a winning formula. Most people say they will never plan a party without a band ever again.

Apart from performing as lead singer in Four Kicks, you also manage a number of different bands?

I manage Spyglass – who has been recognised as the most polished, professional band for private events for a number of years now, as well as a whole range of artists – from soloists to jazz bands. Basically, as a musician, I know so many people in this industry that it is only natural that I would coordinate them all and connect talented musicians with private events.


party bands France