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Wedding Band Dubai

Wedding band Dubai

After receiving a number of inquiries about performing at weddings in Dubai, Four Kicks are pleased to confirm that the band are more than happy to travel outside of Europe. This can be not only for weddings but also for private and corporate events.

Four Kicks are one of the leading English wedding bands in France. Despite a busy schedule throughout the country and Europe, we are also available to perform at events in Dubai in the Arab Emirates. A fashionable city, known for its cultural diversity. Along with Abu Dhabi and Jordan.

Weddings in Dubai

Dubai serves as a spectacular backdrop for any wedding. Which can be from the extravagant to the intimate. It offers an exquisite array of hotels and reception venues – all happy to accommodate Four Kicks.

Couples residing in the UK and Europe looking for a wedding band in Dubai, as well as those living in this vibrant location, can rest assured that Four Kicks will take care of all the necessary hiring of equipment for their performance.