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Variety of gins and garnishes

I’m very excited to announce to you that we have launched our new wedding cocktail bar in France, The Buckrider. This cocktail catering service is available exclusively for weddings in France, Italy and Switzerland. And we are now open for bookings!

Many of you may know me and Tim as musicians in the band Four Kicks. What you may not know, however, is I also have extensive history and training in high-end hospitality and, in addition to music, we are also incredibly passionate about fine cocktails. We’ve spent years perfecting our original recipes, using modern techniques like sous vide to infuse our liquors or dry ice to release the aroma and add a touch of theatre. 

Carefully balanced cocktails served by not only talented but friendly bar staff, with all cocktails presented on a stunning custom-made hardwood bar.

Wedding cocktail bar in France

Backed by more than 10 years experience in the wedding and private luxury industries, we are taking cocktail and bar service to a level that is not currently available here.

A premium wedding cocktail bar in France

    wasabi cocktail            

The Buckrider is an innovative wedding cocktail bar in France offering impeccable service, delicious drinks and a touch of class to private events.

Savour the unique flavour of our carefully balanced cocktails, prepared using only the highest quality ingredients. Our recipes have been fine-tuned to ensure they not only taste amazing but are also beautifully presented. Our custom-made hardwood bar serves as a stylish and elegant feature. The carefully selected skilled and professional bar staff understand the importance of being friendly and welcoming of guests.

We pride ourselves on creating sophisticated, delicious drinks with The Buckrider twist. These are unique recipes that guests will only find at your event. Of course, we have the classics covered as well. In fact, we offer a tailored menu for each individual event based on your likes, dislikes, theme and guest list.

Inspired by the finest cocktail bars throughout the world, The Buckrider promises to deliver an exquisite experience.

We’d love for you to head over to our website:

And feel free to tell your friends and spread the word that The Buckrider is now open for business!

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