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Wedding venue in Italy

Not long ago we posted our top 10 wedding venues in France. The feedback was so positive, plus it was a lot of fun remembering our travels, that we decided to do our top 10 wedding venues in Italy!

As a wedding band based on the French Riviera we travel to Italy for weddings all the time. In fact, Italy is the second most popular country during our wedding season from May to October. The most common regions we travel to are Tuscany, Lake Como, Rome and Milan. We became, according to our clients, the ultimate wedding band for destination weddings in Italy.

Being local gives us a huge advantage as we travel with all the sound and lighting equipment. Clients don’t have to worry about flying a band from the UK resulting in incredibly increased costs due to equipment rental and flights. Another thing to keep in mind is that we are full time musicians and provide a service to the highest standards. We not only give a great performance but also provide a top quality sound system, and even a spare sound system in the van when traveling to wedding venues in Italy.

Please note that this is an honest selection, and we do not have any business agreement with any of these Italian wedding venues. The band has performed in all of the selected locations.

Top 10 wedding venues in Italy

10. Villa Aura Del Lago, Lake Como

Villa Aura del lago


9. Villa Aurelia, Rome

Villa Aurelia


8. Villa Palagina, Florence

Villa Palagina


7. Villa Pizzo, Lake Como

Villa Pizzo Lake Como


6. Tenuta Monacelli, Lecce

Tenuta Monacelli


5. Castello Di Vincigliata, Florence

Wedding venue in Italy


4. Borgo Santo Pietro, Palazzetto

Borgo santo Pietro


3. Castello Di Meleto, Gaiole in Chianti

Castello di Meleto


2. Borgo Stomennano, Siena

Borgo Stomennano

According to Four Kicks the best wedding venue in Italy is:

  1. Castello Di Petrata, Assisi

The best wedding venue in Italy

Thank you to all the clients for their trust and to all the venues for welcoming us and for always providing the best food and wine! I hope you enjoyed our picks for the top 10 wedding venues in Italy.


Wedding band in Italy


wedding band in Italy


Wedding band in Italy


Pictures by Clara Rice. Wedding planner: Lecce Eventi.