Wedding band in Tuscany

Wedding Band Tuscany
Wedding Band Tuscany
Wedding band in Tuscany

Wedding band in Tuscany

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and musical magic to your Tuscany wedding celebration? Our wedding band in Tuscany is here to help. With years of experience performing at destination weddings, we know how to create a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Tuscany is a breathtaking region with breathtaking landscapes, charming villages and rolling hills, making it the perfect setting for a dream wedding. To make the most of this special day, it’s important to choose the right entertainment to bring your vision to life.


The wedding band for your celebrations in Tuscany

Our band specializes in performing at weddings in Tuscany and we have a deep understanding of the local wedding scene. Whether it be a vineyard wedding or a celebration in one of Tuscany’s picturesque villages, we can help to create the perfect atmosphere. Our extensive repertoire of music ranges from romantic ballads to upbeat hits, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Venues in Tuscany

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue in Tuscany, the options are endless. From rustic farmhouses to elegant castles, and from historic villas to beautiful vineyards, there is a venue to suit every taste and style. Some of the most popular wedding venues in the region include:

  • Castello di Nipozzano, a medieval castle that offers a unique and romantic setting for your wedding day
  • Tenuta San Guido, a beautiful vineyard that is perfect for wine-lovers who want to exchange their vows surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful views
  • Villa La Vedetta, a stunning villa located in the heart of Florence that offers breathtaking views over the city
  • Villa Corsini, a historic villa that boasts stunning gardens, elegant interiors, and a beautiful pool that is perfect for outdoor celebrations.
  • Villa Boscarello, Trequanda, Tuscany, Italy
  • Hotel Villa La Palagina
  • Castello Di Vincigliata
  • Fattoria degli Usignoli, San Donato Fronzano, Florence
  • Castello Vicchiomaggio, Chianti, Florence, Italy
  • Castello del Trebbio, Pontassieve in Florence


Our band members are all highly skilled and talented musicians who bring a professional and polished performance to every event. We understand that a wedding day is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life and we are dedicated to providing a soundtrack that is both beautiful and unforgettable.

So if you want to make sure that your Tuscany wedding celebration is a memorable experience for you and your guests, consider our wedding band in Tuscany. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to book us for your special day. 

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Party band in Paris

Party band in Paris

Party band in Paris

Party band in Paris
Party band in Paris

Last weekend we performed at the iconic Le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. A big tech company organised a party for 400 of their employees. We had the pleasure to perform live with the band and then provide a DJ set until 2am.

Bringing the Beat to Paris – The Corporate Band for Your Next Event

If you are looking for a party band in Paris then contact Four Kicks, a group of talented musicians with years of experience in the private event industry. We specialize in providing the perfect party for your company’s special occasion, whether it be a gala, conference, or product launch.

One of the things that sets our party band apart is our familiarity with Paris. As a group that often travels to the city, we know the ins and outs of the local event scene. We understand the unique atmosphere of Parisian venues and can tailor our performance to enhance the ambiance of your event.


Entertainment in Paris 

But our experience doesn’t stop at our knowledge of the city. Our band has been entertaining audiences for many years, honing our skills and perfecting our craft. We know how to engage a crowd and keep the energy high throughout the night. We have a wide range of music genres in our repertoire, from pop and rock to electro and blues, guaranteeing that we can cater to any taste.

We understand the importance of a corporate event and the impact it has on your company’s image. That’s why we take pride in providing professional and polished performances. From our attire to our attitude, we strive to make a great impression on your guests.

When it comes to a party band in Paris, there’s no better choice than ours. Contact us today to book the band that will make your event a night to remember.


Check out our interview on another post here.

DJ service in Paris
Live band in Paris
Corporate event in Paris




Wedding band in Corsica

Wedding band in Corsica

Located 200 kilometres from the French Riviera coast, Corsica is perfectly nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, earning itself the reputation as France’s little ‘Island of Beauty’. With a native Corsican among its members, Four Kicks is proud to be able to call itself the most popular wedding band in Corsica. 

Its natural charm, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches and intriguing heritage all make Corsica an ideal wedding destination. 

With much of the French coastline a bustling hub of activity and noise, nature lovers will relish in the island’s sheer beauty, as two thirds of the surface of this preserved region is a dedicated National Regional Park, boasting five nature reserves and marine parks. Dotted amongst this ideal setting are a number of fairytale locations for destination weddings. 

Domaine de Murtoli has been voted among the best hotels and beach clubs in the world, and it is not surprising why. Saddling the sandy beaches of southern Corsica, Murtoli boasts enormous beauty and offers accommodation in a number of stone-built houses beautifully reminiscent of the true 17th Century architecture. Four Kicks can perform a private concert on the vast sandy beach, as guests lap in the exquisiteness of this hidden gem.

Domaine de Vignale is another stunning location for those wishing to host an elegant and unique wedding celebration. Set amongst a luxurious garden and producing the delicious Olive Oil of Corsica, Domaine de Vignale offers comprehensive wedding packages. The vast landscape also means that Four Kicks, with their state of the art sound and light system, can be your wedding band in Corsica. 

The Mediterranean is synonymous with wine, and Domaine Saparale provides not only an incredible locally produced wine to wow your guests, but also a luscious and authentic setting for your special day. 

And finally, Lagnonu is a luxurious resort whose only desire is to provide you with your dream wedding, customised to your needs and desires. 

Corsica is fast becoming a popular choice among couples seeking a unique, nature-rich destination wedding. Contact Four Kicks’ bespoke management service today to secure them as your wedding band in Corsica. 




Top 10 wedding venues in Italy

Wedding venue in Italy

Not long ago we posted our top 10 wedding venues in France. The feedback was so positive, plus it was a lot of fun remembering our travels, that we decided to do our top 10 wedding venues in Italy!

As a wedding band based on the French Riviera we travel to Italy for weddings all the time. In fact, Italy is the second most popular country during our wedding season from May to October. The most common regions we travel to are Tuscany, Lake Como, Rome and Milan. We became, according to our clients, the ultimate wedding band for destination weddings in Italy.

Being local gives us a huge advantage as we travel with all the sound and lighting equipment. Clients don’t have to worry about flying a band from the UK resulting in incredibly increased costs due to equipment rental and flights. Another thing to keep in mind is that we are full time musicians and provide a service to the highest standards. We not only give a great performance but also provide a top quality sound system, and even a spare sound system in the van when traveling to wedding venues in Italy.

Please note that this is an honest selection, and we do not have any business agreement with any of these Italian wedding venues. The band has performed in all of the selected locations.

Top 10 wedding venues in Italy

Villa Aura del lago
Villa Aurelia
Villa Palagina

10. Villa Aura Del Lago, Lake Como

9. Villa Aurelia, Rome

8. Villa Palagina, Florence

Villa Pizzo Lake Como
Tenuta Monacelli
Castello di Vincigliata

7. Villa Pizzo, Lake Como

6. Tenuta Monacelli, Lecce

Borgo santo Pietro
Castello di Meleto
Borgo Stomennano

4. Borgo Santo Pietro, Palazzetto

3. Castello Di Meleto, Gaiole in Chianti

2. Borgo Stomennano, Siena

According to Four Kicks the best wedding venue in Italy is:

Wedding band in Italy

Our band playing as a trio during cocktail reception at Castello Di Petrata, what a view!

Pictures by Clara Rice. Wedding planner: Lecce Eventi.

Wedding band in France

wedding band in france


The romantic French Riviera is every couple’s dream location for a wedding. The vibrant colours of the Mediterranean, amazing weather, picture-perfect scenery and undeniable energy are famous throughout the world. Include in that mix the best wedding band in France and you have the perfect recipe.

It is only fitting then that this region should have an extraordinary band for these kinds of events.

Four Kicks is one of the French Riviera’s most sought after bands for weddings. They are backed by significant experience and endorsement from the region’s most respected wedding planners.

The manager of the band Nico is fluent in English and French and through his company Lion Stone Events ( he also coordinates and plans entertainment for weddings, private and corporate events in France

Four Kicks perform in prestigious venues throughout Europe, including châteaux, villas and yachts. They are well aware of what’s needed for an event to run smoothly and professionally.



Your wedding band in France will provide everything needed to entertain your guests. That includes a state of the art sound system, background music before and after the show and a possible DJ if required. The band are happy to adapt their performance to suit any event.



Four Kicks stand out because of the music they perform. Modern and classics hits that will have guests up and dancing!!

The music they perform has been carefully selected to include the most popular hits of the day as well as tried and tested favourites.

All of this equates to an unforgettable show where all the guests inevitably find themselves letting loose and having some serious fun. Our clients often say that they will never host an event without a live band anymore. This insures a unique atmosphere and will make your wedding unforgettable


Four Kicks have established themselves as one of the most popular wedding bands in France. They also perform in Italy and Switzerland.

They are a professional band of full-time musicians. Therefore, they can confidently guarantee the quality of their performance as music is their primary career.

With many years of experience performing at weddings, Four Kicks is well aware of the importance of communication and planning with clients to ensure a smooth and stress-free event. On the day of the wedding, the band will have set up and sounchecked before any guests arrive.



The band is also happy to travel to anywhere in the world.

So far, they can count Turkey, Holland, Switzerland, Monaco, Ibiza, Germany, Malta, Portugal, England and Italy on their list of international performances.

Wedding band France

Wedding band French Riviera

The French Riviera's leading party band

Wedding band French Riviera

Four Kicks has established themselves as the most popular wedding band on the French Riviera.

With their high end equipment, professional attitude and exciting setlist, these talented musicians are the must-have band for your wedding.

Based in Nice on the French Riviera, the band can travel anywhere in Europe or the world.

They perform exclusively for private events but you can catch them in the winter playing in Switzerland at the hotel Farinet, the only public performances of the year. Check the facebook page or instagram for dates or send an email to:

Weddings on the French Riviera

For your wedding Four Kicks will provide all the equipment and set up in the morning long before guests arrive. The band is flexible with timing and will easily adapt to any last minute changes. 

From the first point of contact to the final song, Four Kicks provides a bespoke service tailored to each client.

We receive many inquiries for the same weekends, to ensure Four Kicks plays at your wedding on the French Riviera make sure to get in touch at least 15 months in advance.

We update our songlist regularly and we make sure to provide updated setlists by PDF upon request.

With two singers in Four Kicks, clients are often suprised at the sheer range of songs the band can perform.

You can confidently leave everything up to the band, knowing that this is one aspect of the day that no one needs to worry about.

If you are looking for a wedding band on the French Riviera then get in touch now for a quote! We strive to reply within 24 hours.

The band is very active on social media, regularly posting pictures and videos of our shows, rehearsals and travels. Follow us to stay tuned! Getting married in the Winter in France?  Click here!

Check out our set up below (minus the stage).

wedding band french riviera

First dance

Wedding band french riviera

wedding band on the french riviera

Wedding cocktail bar in France

Variety of gins and garnishes

I’m very excited to announce to you that we have launched our new wedding cocktail bar in France, The Buckrider. This cocktail catering service is available exclusively for weddings in France, Italy and Switzerland. And we are now open for bookings!

Many of you may know me and Tim as musicians in the band Four Kicks. What you may not know, however, is I also have extensive history and training in high-end hospitality and, in addition to music, we are also incredibly passionate about fine cocktails. We’ve spent years perfecting our original recipes, using modern techniques like sous vide to infuse our liquors or dry ice to release the aroma and add a touch of theatre. 

Carefully balanced cocktails served by not only talented but friendly bar staff, with all cocktails presented on a stunning custom-made hardwood bar.

Wedding cocktail bar in France

Backed by more than 10 years experience in the wedding and private luxury industries, we are taking cocktail and bar service to a level that is not currently available here.

A premium wedding cocktail bar in France

    wasabi cocktail            

The Buckrider is an innovative wedding cocktail bar in France offering impeccable service, delicious drinks and a touch of class to private events.

Savour the unique flavour of our carefully balanced cocktails, prepared using only the highest quality ingredients. Our recipes have been fine-tuned to ensure they not only taste amazing but are also beautifully presented. Our custom-made hardwood bar serves as a stylish and elegant feature. The carefully selected skilled and professional bar staff understand the importance of being friendly and welcoming of guests.

We pride ourselves on creating sophisticated, delicious drinks with The Buckrider twist. These are unique recipes that guests will only find at your event. Of course, we have the classics covered as well. In fact, we offer a tailored menu for each individual event based on your likes, dislikes, theme and guest list.

Inspired by the finest cocktail bars throughout the world, The Buckrider promises to deliver an exquisite experience.

We’d love for you to head over to our website:

And feel free to tell your friends and spread the word that The Buckrider is now open for business!

Click here to get in touch.


Top 10 wedding venues in France

Live music wedding band

The best wedding venues in France!


Our top 10 wedding venues in France!

As a wedding band performing over 50 weddings a year, primarily in France, we have seen hundreds of venues. After a nice meal and perhaps too many glasses of wine one evening, the band members and I started debating which were the best venues we have ever played at. And this got me thinking: I should make a list of our favourite wedding venues in France for all of you brides and grooms to be!

Firstly, there are a few things you simply must know. While I have eliminated any venue that had strict sound restrictions, a good word of advice is to make sure the venue owner is honest about the noise you can make on your wedding day. Often they will tell you that you can have a live band until late, then we show up and they discreetly ask us to turn it down to a volume that is not suitable for dancing and partying. They also often ask us to finish earlier than the time that they agreed upon with you! But don’t worry, we never listen to them. You, the bride and groom, are our priority and no party with Four Kicks will be ruined by a dishonest château owner.

Our top 10 venues fit this criterion. They also have the best vibe, were stunning venues, and are great to work with from a practical perspective.

Please note that this is an honest selection, and we do not have any business agreement with any of these venues.

Here are our top 10 wedding venues in France:

10: Abbaye Saint-Eusèbe, Saignon (Vaucluse)


9: Château Saint Paul, Boudy-de-Beauregard (Dordogne)


8: Château la Tour de Vaucros, Sorgues (Vaucluse)


7: Château Font Du Broc, Les Arcs sur Argens (Var)


6: Domaine de Blanche Fleur, Châteauneuf de Gadagne (vaucluse)


5: Château de Robernier, Montfort sur Argens (Var)


4: Domaine des Grottes, La Motte (Var)


3: Mouliets-et-Villemartin (Bordeaux) – Château Rigaud


2: Pessan (Gers) – Château de Lartigolle

1: Charette-Varennes (Saône-et-Loire) – Château de Varennes


Pictures of us at these venues:

Abbaye Saint-Eusèbe

Abbaye saint Eusebe

Château Saint Paul

Top 10 wedding venues in france



Château Font du Broc

Chateau font du broc

Domaine de Blanche Fleur

Domaine de Blanche Fleur

Château de Robernier

Chateau de Robernier

Domaine des Grottes

Domaine des grottes

Bordeaux – Château Rigaud

Chateau Rigaud

Gers – Château Lartigolle

Chateau Lartigolle

Saône-et-Loire – Château de Varennes

Chateau Varennes


Check out our wedding page to book our band for your wedding

Wedding band Switzerland

Wedding Band Swiss alps


Imagine hosting a wedding ceremony, in either summer or winter, with the magnificent Swiss Alps as a backdrop. Without a doubt, this enormous region is the star attraction of Switzerland.

Dotted amongst the alpine peaks are quaint villages, sparkling blue lakes and striking glaciers. These are breathtaking landscapes that make for a fairytale wedding location.

There are also world class resorts, fine historic hotels, romantic cruise liners, and even a Lighthouse Ballroom. It is difficult not the be romanced by this country. Let us be your wedding band Switzerland.



Four Kicks is available for any kind of private and corporate event in Switzerland, be it a product launch in Zurich, a congress in Bern, a wedding in Geneva or a party in Verbier. With its legendary scenery, a melting pot of cultures and luxurious charm, Switzerland is all about adventure and style.


Because of its cultural diversity (Switzerland has four national languages), the country is considered to be a hub for new technology products and services launches. The capital, Geneva, is also a key area for congresses and trade fairs. Switzerland boasts a well developed business infrastructure and its central location in Europe makes it a highly attractive location for business opportunities and corporate events.


Four Kicks have been performing at the famous Hotel Farinet in Verbier for over 10 years now, and have become a favourite among staff and regulars! The band are very familiar with this exciting part of Switzerland and love performing here every year. They also enjoy being invited to play at private events, be it an acoustic gig at Richard Branson’s chalet during the winter or for a wedding in the middle of summer… Four Kicks can adapt to any kind of event. Be sure to follow the band on social media to see when you can catch them playing in Switzerland!


wedding band Verbier

party band switzerland

party band verbier

Hotel farinet verbier

Wedding band Paris

Wedding Band Paris

Wedding band Paris

Paris, the city of love, is the quintessential wedding destination for many couples. Boasting elegance and style unlike any other cities around the world, it is simply impossible not to be romanced by France’s capital. Located in travelling distance from the French Riviera, Four Kicks are one of the most popular wedding bands in Paris

The Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quater, the Notre Dame cathedral – world-famous monuments in Paris make for the most stunning wedding photos. The ancient city also houses breathtaking churches and cathedrals for the ceremony, each with its own story and charm. For example, English-speaking St. Josephs Catholic Church. Located in Paris’ swish 8th arrondissement, where Oscar Wilde was baptised before he died. 

Sainte Chapelle, Kingdom of Light – built in the mid-13th century by King Louis IX.  This Chapelle features some of the period’s best-conceived stain glass. Also situated on one of the oldest medieval streets of Paris is the Saint Gervais Saint Protais Church. Completed in 1657, the Church features the oldest organ in Paris. Four Kicks are able to perform as an acoustic solo or duo in any venue. Aiming to bring your wedding ceremony into the 21st century. This can be in addition to the main show during the reception. 


Wedding in Paris

Couples are also spoiled for choice when it comes to reception locations in Paris – the prestigious Belle Etoile royal suite at Le Meurice with its view over the city and the Louvre, onboard the Bateaux Parisiens for a dinner cruise along the Seine, in the grounds of one of the many luxurious chateaux. There are locations to suit all budgets and tastes, from the glamorous and glitzy to the boho chic. While looking for your wedding band in Paris, it is important to note that Four Kicks are familiar with performing within the city. Having performed at many high-end locations and are very adaptable. The band is fluent in English and French, which benefits both the venue and wedding party. This ensures the entertainment runs as smoothly as possible. 

So make your wedding memorable in Paris: the charm is unmistakable, the history and architecture mesmerising, and the culture inspirational. 

To book Four Kicks as your wedding band in Paris get in touch with us.